Made from scratch with the TLC of a home cooked meal

Creme BruleeFew things taste better than a home-cooked meal. When you bite into it, you can practically taste the TLC that went into making it. You’re hit with a wave of nostalgia and taken back to your most cherished memories, and for that brief moment you’re completely in love with your life (if you weren’t already). You might be biased because your loved one was the culinary genius behind it, but the meal was also most likely made from fresh ingredients, and that certainly adds to that unbeatable flavor.


This is our philosophy here at Café Murano, an authentic Italian restaurant with two locations in Central Florida. We follow a scratch kitchen concept. This means that absolutely everything is made to order. In fact, our freezer is mostly empty. Gone are any preservatives. Gone are ingredients that have been stored away for days. When you place an order here, you are guaranteed a meal of the home cooked caliber with fresh ingredients. The chefs don’t start prepping your food until the order’s been placed.


Cheese RavioliThis is such a refreshing alternative to today’s cuisine. We live in a world where you can order a meal in less than five minutes and be on your merry way. It’s nice to be able to go out for a satisfying dinner and know that you’re being fed like your mother or father would feed you: with the freshest ingredients and with the utmost care. As convenient as it is to get that meal in a short amount of time, the wait for a homemade-style meal is worth it.


The first of our locations is at Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs. We are placed at a lovely lakefront setting, and feature live entertainment on select nights. The second is at yet another lakefront location in Veranda Park, only a few minutes away from Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, in the Metro West area. In commercial areas like these, you’re going to find fast food restaurants left and right. We are a smart and healthier alternative.


Café Murano is the ideal restaurant for those of you missing home and homemade meals. One taste, and you’ll feel as if you never even left.

Cafe Murano Featured in My City Eats

IMG_8876 Café Murano was featured in the fall 2014 edition of My City Eats. In this article they stated that we “share a common goal… commitment to quality.” We pride ourselves in creating an unforgettable experience with amazing food that is always fresh, never frozen. We are honored to have our chefs Scott Baade, George Jaramillo, Hector Rosado and Executive Chef Khai Nguyen featured in the recent article.

Executive Chef Khai Nguyen: With a background in French cuisine, Asian cuisine and Italian cuisine our Executive Chef Khai Nguyen brings an signature spin on traditional dishes that can’t be missed. His love for cooking only with fresh ingredients was a perfect fit for Cafe Murano as all meals are made from scratch. As the executive chef, he personally oversees every aspect of your dining experience when you join us at Cafe Murano.

Sous Chef Scott Baade: Coming to us from Maine, our sous chef Scott Baade mentioned that one of the biggest factors that brought him to Cafe Murano was the fresh ingredients. Chef Scott comes to us with a degree from the Florida Culinary Institute where he formed the solid foundation that he brings to the team every day at Cafe Murano.

Sous Chef George Jaramillo: Sous Chef George Jaramillo IMG_1141came to Cafe Murano from his previous position at The Masion & Jardin Restaurant and runs a tight ship. Known for his dedication and mentorship, Chef George inspires younger chefs in the kitchen. With a background in French, Italian and Spanish cuisine, Chef George brings a unique spin to his dishes at Cafe Murano.

Chef Hector Rosado: Chef Hector began his career in the kitchen at the early age of 15 with his culinary mentor, his mother. After being trained at the Florida Culinary Institute, for many years Chef Hector traveled around the country using his skills to delight fans at many sporting events from the PGA to Nascar. According to the article in My City Eats “His passion is enhanced by the gratification he gets from a happy guest.”

Our Chefs are the backbone of our restaurant and the reason why we deliver the amazing quality meals created as if they were homemade. If you are near Cranes Roost in Altamonte Springs or Veranda Park in MetroWest Orlando we hope that you can stop by and enjoy the menu of Italian inspired cuisine that our chefs created.


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The holidays are only a couple short months away, have you booked your party yet?

BlASC1SYl69wtX_MB7czvrHZIJjR27di80TQzIwvo5cWith the holidays coming up, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to let go for once and let someone else cook for you? Instead of spending half of the festivities in the kitchen, you can enjoy it with your loved ones. Rid yourself of the frustrations, stress and planning that comes with cooking for the holidays, when someone else can do it, and do it well!

Cafe Murano is the best spot to spend the holidays, no matter the need. Our staff is courteous and well educated on the food they make, and they sure love what they do. They make the most amazing food and it is all from scratch! You know what that means, don’t you? It’s yummy and so fresh that you can’t be anything but full and happy once you leave. Even better is the fact that they have two convenient locations, so wherever you live you’re never that far from one of their spots.

u3YXR311oT1bJ6DQV7eB6cLU_cyJDEVNmAKiZgR4rzsFew things make a hungry soul quite as happy as easy access to good food, that has been cooked right and that looks nothing short of phenomenal. If you love food as much as we do, we know you would love the coziness and ambiance these places possess,as both locations offer up a great atmosphere with a comfortable and homey feel and interior. They even offer catering, so if you would rather enjoy their good food in the comfort of your own home, you can!

The two locations are in Orlando and Altamonte Springs, you will find Cafe Murano in Orlando on 7001 West Pointe Drive, and the Altamonte Springs location you can find on 309 Cranes Roost Boulevard.

They cook up anything from golden brown, delicious mozzarella sticks and stuffed mushrooms, to something as classic as soup. And, we all love soup, don’t we? So, make the best of your holidays to come for the rest of this year, because you all deserve it.

3dNnNzSx2FOu0s1O_QXAETPUANgxt42LrP5xC7-175k,No17nRGO7OLJ-Q1wwh9Rvl_aI1o7iUoxcihnmwZF_dU,G3XU8gL6b1wNd2bVHq9cdD2vCFbgjBWBZ43WHqt9yP4,q_SxBrYuiQOXwkfkc-RbAo51DNV1RQTRjwffWi_H5sQ,skTgwwl34r0hnP6FB8A1TgaqejpPMOG4-bGQKaQmLRoGrab your loved ones and your holiday cheer and make a reservation at Cafe Murano, indulge in some great tasting food and wine, and make these holidays the best ones yet. After all, you will be the talk of the family after making such an excellent choice and they will be sure to talk about it for a long time after.

Make your holiday one to remember, and book your next big event at Cafe Murano!