2 paws up!

Guest post by “Bailey’s Mom


Do you feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone all day and all evening while you go to work, happy hour, out to dinner, on a date, see friends or take your family out?


I do.


Rather, I used to. Now, I take my dog, Bailey! That’s one reason I love Cafe Murano! Their patio seating is dog friendly! Of course, the beautiful lake views, delicious food and polite service are nothing to scoff at… however the draw of bringing my dog tops the list. I know that I can sip a glass of wine at night or a soda during the day, eat scallops (my favorite) and order a side of pasta – I have to sneak something to Bailey! – and have a wonderful time.


Last time, I met a few friends who had dogs there and we made it a play date. We had the most fun! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard… never a dull moment when the dogs are there! Bailey and I live near Cranes Roost so we walk over.


Recently, I ventured to their Veranda Park location, and OMG it was *amazing*! I know I sound like a school girl, although it really was incredible! The interior is so intimate, perfect for a business lunch or date night. Of course, Bailey and I sat in the sun and had a relaxing lunch. We met some really great people on the patio, and of course the food was delicious. Although I was most impressed by the parking.


Bailey and I found a spot near the restaurant in the shade. It was perfect.


You might think I’m a crazy dog lady, and from reading this, I wouldn’t blame you. However I’m just a normal gal who likes to bring her dog whenever possible. Mine is small enough to fit in a large handbag, although he’s very friendly, so we hope to meet you and yours one day!

We love a variety!

Variety truly is the spice of life. Having options is the thing that makes living so fun. You have the freedom to accomplish whatever you like, in as many ways as possible. If you’re unhappy with a song on the radio, you can just switch over to one of the other hundred stations and not have to endure that overplayed song for the twenty-eighth time that day. If you’ve grown tired of something you’ve binge-watched on television, there are about a thousand other things to choose from. These days, there is no room for boredom or tedium because there is always another option to bide the time.


Imagine living in a world where you only had one option for everything. One song to listen to, one meal to eat, and one outfit to wear. A person would go insane with the repetition of it all. We all need change. We all need a second choice in case the first doesn’t work out. Fortunately, we don’t have to live in such a world. Here at Café Murano, a truly authentic Italian restaurant, you have a number of options at your disposal, ranging from our food to our drinks. Our craft beer selection is especially impressive, with breweries hailing from all over the country.


Among the craft beer breweries we have available are: Oskar Blues Brewery from Colorado; The Fort Collins Brewery; SweetWater Brewing Company from Atlanta, Georgia; Cigar City Brewing; Terrapin Beer Co. from Athens, Georgia; Bell’s Brewery; Green Flash Brewing Co. from San Diego, California; Brewery Ommegang; and Breckenridge Brewery from Colorado. This large assortment of craft beers means you’re guaranteed to find something to your liking. All of the listed breweries have seasonal offerings as well, so you’ll want to make it a point to visit us throughout the year in order to try them all.


We currently have two locations in the Central Florida area. The first is in Altamonte Springs at Cranes Roost Park, set by a lovely lake. The second is another lakefront setting at Veranda Park, in the Metro West area of Orlando, just a short drive away from Universal Studios. Both locations offer a Happy Hour on Fridays from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Be sure to take advantage of the discounted drinks and sample all of the craft beers we have to offer.

Long day? How’s a half-priced drink sound?

Some days, you just really need a drink. Between the stresses of work, family, love, and anything else that might drive you a little bit crazy, the perfect cap to a rough day is a delicious alcoholic beverage. If you’re an Orlando native, then you’re most likely familiar with the traffic and the hectic nature of the city’s tourism. If you’re anything like me, you understand what I mean.


Fortunately, here at Café Murano, an inspired Italian restaurant, we know exactly how your feel. That’s why we have the best happy hour in town: every drink is half off during happy hour.


We offer a selection of barrel-aged cocktails to help you relax after a hard day. If you’re wondering what a barrel-aged cocktail is, it’s probably because it’s a new trend in the art of mixology. Pre-mixed cocktails are placed in wooden barrels for a specific amount of time, anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. This method softens the harshness of some drinks and brings out layers of flavor. It can also pave the way for new drinks, drinks you’ve never tasted before. For example, if a barrel is used to store a whiskey-based cocktail and then used for a gin-based drink, then the second drink might contain elements of whiskey. It makes for a very cool and original drinking experience.


Among the options of barrel-aged cocktails we offer are the Negroni and the White Hook. The Negroni is traditionally made from gin, vermouth rosso and Campari, and garnished with orange bitters. It’s typically served before or after a meal. The White Hook cocktail contains white whiskey, sweet vermouth, and maraschino liqueur.


We currently have two locations in the Central Florida region. The first is located in Altamonte Springs, at a beautiful lakefront setting at Cranes Roost Park. The second location is in the Metro West area of Orlando, at Veranda Park, also with a lovely lakefront setting. This location is just a short drive away from Universal Studios theme parks.


Both locations offer a Happy Hour on Fridays from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. If you’re drinking on a budget but are eager to give these barrel-aged cocktails a try, then make us your destination.