A craft to remember

Craft BeerOur General Manager Trent is a craft beer connoisseur. He strives to make the selection of craft beers different than you will find anywhere else in town. Other than Miller Lite and Bud Lite, the drafts change daily. There are 45 kegs in house brimming with a variety of specialty craft beers. Both the Altamonte Springs and Veranda Park locations change their offering of craft beer daily. The selection is specially selected to compliment the seasons. Currently (upon publishing this post), they are rotating a pumpkin ale and a harvest blend. Soon those will be gone and winter beers and white lagers will be offered to compliment the holiday mood.

Fat Tire smooth hops and slightly fruity. Wake Up Dead is a dark, rich malted flavor with a higher alcohol content. Guiness has a creamier finish. So there is something for every palette.

We offer 16 ounce craft beers at an amazing price of only $6. For Happy Hour the craft beers are half price; we think you’ll find Cafe Murano the perfect place to come for Happy Hour. We also have a sampler, which is the perfect way to decide which daily brew is right for you. The sampler offers you any four craft beers you choose. Each 5 ounce mug is served on a sampler board for only $8. Eight dollars for four 5oz. craft beers! We are proud to work with small breweries to offer you an excellent and ever-changing selection of craft beers. If you enjoy craft beers as much as our manager does, we know you will come again and again for our daily selection. If you are joining us for Happy Hour, don’t forget to bring along some friends to enjoy our half-price drinks.



“A Local Kaleidoscope”

Gwen, a local resident, has been a loyal customer at Cafe Murano’s for over 4 years.


Gwen describes this wonderful, local restaurant that currently has two locations, as “a kaleidoscope. The room is the tube, everything inside the room changes. Whatever mosaic is in the kaleidoscope changes often but is always fun and wonderful”. There is a core group of about 50 regular diners so even if you come in alone, you never stay alone for long. There are several bands that rotate throughout the course of six weeks or so; this rotation of bands appeals to a wide audience. The bands feature many genres of live music and play at the Altamonte Springs location every Friday and Saturday evening.


You can’t go wrong with any dish you choose on the menu. The menu tends to change regularly with special features added, so Gwen shared her favorites. The flavors of the Steak Salad are beautifully balanced and delicious.


Another favorite is the Stuffed Meatball appetizer; it is perfectly seasoned, stuffed with ricotta cheese, and topped with a delectable light tomato sauce. Gwen has found the portion generous enough to add a half salad to make the Stuffed Meatball appetizer a meal.


Maybe you’ll choose the Penne Vodka or the Eggplant al Forno as your meal. Most of the regulars will rave about the Lemon Cello Cake, sweet, delicious, and unique. It’s a signature dish that is made in house at Cafe Murano.


The bartenders serve up “martinis” that are reminiscent of a dessert sometimes, too, such as the Key Lime Pie or Tiramisu Martini. Delicious from start to finish!


Gwen says this is one of her favorite hangouts. The fun bartenders, good service, wonderful variety of music, and the creations of Chef Khai and Chef Scotty (as Gwen affectionately calls him) are unsurpassed.


Once you experience the kaleidoscope of Cafe Murano, you may call it one of your favorite places to eat and enjoy as well. Gwen shares her zest for life and food by saying at Cafe Murano, “It’s fun. You make your own fun!”. We invite you to come and try us soon.

Take control of your meetings

As satisfying and productive as it might feel to sit in a meeting, I think we all at some point wished for a bit of variety when it came to our meetings. Even when your boss brings donuts or bagels, and somehow it just never seems that good, probably because the environment is the same


Instead grab a bite outside of the office. Discuss important parts of your new project, a possible promotion, and a new client while enjoying a caprese salad and light lunch. When you sit outside and let the vitamin D soak in, your meeting is guaranteed to be better than it would have been in the office!


Of course, a meeting doesn’t have to be a formal occasion where someone speaks, someone else takes notes, and others listen. It could be a casual lunch celebration or time getting to know your peers. These informal interactions are invaluable to organizations, for they improve company morale, and create a sense of belonging.



When you change the atmosphere, you change the meeting.



Are you courting a big client? Invite him or her to lunch! Seal a deal over our homemade rolls. This is one of my favorite strategies. Take your client, or prospective client out for a white-table cloth lunch. Show off your softer side while interacting with our staff, and make the ask over coffee at the end of lunch. Don’t worry, our reasonably priced menu won’t break the bank, so you can use this tactic multiple times!


Perhaps you need to confront your office mate about his annoying habit of tapping his pen while on the phone. Having the uncomfortable conversation over a wonderful lunch, where you can also learn more about one another, will make the conversation less awkward and moving forward more pleasurable. Often, people just need to take time to get to know one another, and what better way than over lunch!


Have you had a rough day? Relax outside and enjoy Cranes Roost Lake, while you sip a pinot grigio and munch on some fresh bruschetta. Nothing beats fresh air, a lake and good food and a drink. Even our soda is refreshing!


Are you new to your organization, or do you have a new coworker? Break the ice, with happy hour. With our varied selection of craft beer, wine and liquor, we are sure to have exactly what you want. Plus, our half-priced happy hour special on all drinks makes this the best happy hour in town!


Let us help your business grow, and support your relaxation. Come visit us at our Cranes Roost and Veranda Park locations, and be sure to tell us if you’re celebrating something special!