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“A Local Kaleidoscope”

Gwen, a local resident, has been a loyal customer at Cafe Murano’s for over 4 years.   Gwen describes this wonderful, local restaurant that currently has two locations, as “a kaleidoscope. The room is the tube, everything inside the room changes. Whatever mosaic is in the kaleidoscope changes often but is always fun and wonderful”. […]

Take control of your meetings

As satisfying and productive as it might feel to sit in a meeting, I think we all at some point wished for a bit of variety when it came to our meetings. Even when your boss brings donuts or bagels, and somehow it just never seems that good, probably because the environment is the same […]

2 paws up!

Guest post by “Bailey’s Mom”   Do you feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone all day and all evening while you go to work, happy hour, out to dinner, on a date, see friends or take your family out?   I do.   Rather, I used to. Now, I take my dog, Bailey! […]

We love a variety!

Variety truly is the spice of life. Having options is the thing that makes living so fun. You have the freedom to accomplish whatever you like, in as many ways as possible. If you’re unhappy with a song on the radio, you can just switch over to one of the other hundred stations and not […]

Long day? How’s a half-priced drink sound?

Some days, you just really need a drink. Between the stresses of work, family, love, and anything else that might drive you a little bit crazy, the perfect cap to a rough day is a delicious alcoholic beverage. If you’re an Orlando native, then you’re most likely familiar with the traffic and the hectic nature […]

Made from scratch with the TLC of a home cooked meal

Few things taste better than a home-cooked meal. When you bite into it, you can practically taste the TLC that went into making it. You’re hit with a wave of nostalgia and taken back to your most cherished memories, and for that brief moment you’re completely in love with your life (if you weren’t already). […]

Cafe Murano Featured in My City Eats

Café Murano was featured in the fall 2014 edition of My City Eats. In this article they stated that we “share a common goal… commitment to quality.” We pride ourselves in creating an unforgettable experience with amazing food that is always fresh, never frozen. We are honored to have our chefs Scott Baade, George Jaramillo, […]

Empty Freezer?

Are you having one of those days, where the refrigerator contains nothing but condiments, and your freezer echoes empty? You might as well treat yourself to a meal that not only tastes home made, but even leaves your wallet happy. No one can turn down a good meal made all from scratch, don’t you agree? […]