Made fresh, in-house

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For most of us that means incredibly delicious! Which is exactly what we serve. Our food isn’t served from a frozen state; we operate a “scratch kitchen”.

Everything is made in house, including bread and pastas, under the watchful eye of our highly trained chefs, Chef Khai and Chef Scott, along with their team. We offer gluten free pizza for our customers that are gluten intolerant. In Central Florida we tend to have an array of restaurants that the tourists are frmii51_RnBe4NsJF_2-0VZq1S-7j2JV_ZiRftJfuIMQound at. At Cafe Murano we serve the locals high quality food at reasonable prices.

Our portions are hearty.

Our service is good.

And our kitchen focuses on a commitment to quality and a passion for creativity.

Our menu has a balance of customer favorites and features that change often. Our customers can taste the difference, and regulars visit a couple of times a week.

We invite you to dine with us.

u3YXR311oT1bJ6DQV7eB6cLU_cyJDEVNmAKiZgR4rzsWe are open for lunch and dinner daily. From appetizers and salads to  hearty, Italian-inspired entrees to the finishing touch of one of our desserts like the Limoncello Cake, a homemade favorite, we know you will taste the difference.  Our menu changes nearly every month (and sometimes more often when are chefs are feeling super-creative!). Come back often to taste new flavors… and suggest what you want on the menu!