2 paws up!

Guest post by “Bailey’s Mom


Do you feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone all day and all evening while you go to work, happy hour, out to dinner, on a date, see friends or take your family out?


I do.


Rather, I used to. Now, I take my dog, Bailey! That’s one reason I love Cafe Murano! Their patio seating is dog friendly! Of course, the beautiful lake views, delicious food and polite service are nothing to scoff at… however the draw of bringing my dog tops the list. I know that I can sip a glass of wine at night or a soda during the day, eat scallops (my favorite) and order a side of pasta – I have to sneak something to Bailey! – and have a wonderful time.


Last time, I met a few friends who had dogs there and we made it a play date. We had the most fun! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard… never a dull moment when the dogs are there! Bailey and I live near Cranes Roost so we walk over.


Recently, I ventured to their Veranda Park location, and OMG it was *amazing*! I know I sound like a school girl, although it really was incredible! The interior is so intimate, perfect for a business lunch or date night. Of course, Bailey and I sat in the sun and had a relaxing lunch. We met some really great people on the patio, and of course the food was delicious. Although I was most impressed by the parking.


Bailey and I found a spot near the restaurant in the shade. It was perfect.


You might think I’m a crazy dog lady, and from reading this, I wouldn’t blame you. However I’m just a normal gal who likes to bring her dog whenever possible. Mine is small enough to fit in a large handbag, although he’s very friendly, so we hope to meet you and yours one day!